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Gift: Heartless by BleedingHeartworks Gift: Heartless by BleedingHeartworks
This is a small gift I did for :iconaqua-steel12334: over at :icongotham-femmes: :heart:
I really do love her character, I truly do. That's why I wanna keep smoothering her with art and lots of love. <3
I made this like a sort of saga from the catwoman piece I did, since I really love playing with the new marker pencils I got.

This was created with ink, Promarker markers and some white line pencils.

I got nothing else more to say at this point. Now I gotta rush to meet a client and contuine to finish my homework!
Love to you all,

Rook (c) :iconaqua-steel12334:
Inuko913 Featured By Owner Oct 12, 2011
Julian: ....I will make a note to stay away from her...
Me: This piece came out really really well Maja!
IchBinRagady Featured By Owner Oct 12, 2011  Hobbyist Artist
Beautiful as always. :)
aqua-steel12334 Featured By Owner Oct 12, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
Anna, Anna, tsk tsk. You've been playing with the henchmen again. I will say this again: I absolutely love this. You are one of the few that really capture the beast of this character. She's a femme fatale through and through: confident, coy, and utterly heartless. Maybe Black Mask needs to be a little afraid, because I don't see Anna being the submissive type. She's a hedonist; the only thing she's after is her own enjoyment and she enjoys puppets and manipulation and power. Especially manipulation and power. And wow, those eyes. Beautiful, but at the same time I detect disgust in her gaze as she looks down at her latest victim.

You captured her cruelty, her coldness, and certainly placed her being utterly heartless just as I imagined her. She doesn't take foolishness, and I think her anger and her joy are quick, shuffling emotions. She's certainly cut out for her job and you capture her strong, solitary character. Your drawings prove that she doesn't need Black Mask to be threatening. She's more than capable all on her own.

I want to bombard you with gushing and describe every detail. You nailed Anna, you always do, and that's why I'm always honored for you to draw her. You just get her. She's not innocent, hasn't been for a long time, and no matter why that may be, she's not to be trifled with. She doesn't talk the talk and not walk the walk. You make her angry and you're signing a death warrant. I love that she has a belt full of knives on here. It's different and I can definitely see her enjoying those too (sounds Joker-like), but she seems one who likes to take her time and what better a way than to use knives?

She's not bothered by the blood on her pants or face, but utterly nauseated by the man trying to cling to her leg. She's not merciful.

You know how to draw Anna, and you did a beautiful, stunning job. She's seductive even covered in blood and looking absolutely uncaring.
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October 12, 2011
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